What is the MIFI and how does the portable WIFI connection work?

What is the MIFI and how does it work?

When we talk about what the MIFI is, we are referring to a portable WIFI connection that allows you to connect several devices to a wireless router and, in this way, be able to access the Internet without having to search for a public WIFI japan and expose yourself to its risks. Do you know them?

The term MIFI arises from the year 2009 and its creation corresponds to the company Novatel Wireless that year launched the first MIFI router to the market (some indicate that it is the abbreviation of My WIFI), in which you can currently find multiple options of devices and rates to take your WIFI network without connecting to a friend or having to ask for the key in an establishment.

How are the MIFI and the WIFI different? It’s very simple: while your japan WIFI promotion connection is supported by a router that has a fixed cable connection, in the case of the MIFI we speak of a router that works through a mobile connection (through a SIM card for example) and allows you to connect to several devices at the same time.

These routers stand out for their design, much more compact than you have at home, and for the ease to transport and connect from any point, because, like a mobile, they are charged to the power grid and have a battery that allows to use them for hours without the need for plugs. Depending on the model you choose, you can connect to networks 2G, 3G or higher and allow you to hook several devices at the same time (the range varies between 5 and 10 devices).

EYE a router MIFI is not a device to ‘steal’ wireless networks, but it allows you to connect to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and for that you will have to have a SIM card and a rate with which you can hire a certain number of data that will allow you to connect your devices from any point.

Advantages of betting on an MIFI router

What are the advantages of acquiring a MIFI router? Here we leave them in a summarized form, although they are easily identifiable:

It allows you to have your own Internet connection anywhere in the world, a very interesting option if you work outside the office or travel regularly and need a permanent connection to the Internet, in case of digital Nomads.

Through a MIFI router you can connect several devices at the same time and connect them to the Internet, this option is especially useful for tablet users who, in this way, do not need to acquire a new SIM card to connect to the tablet.

One of the advantages of these router models is that they stand out for their small size and weight (there are those that fit in the palm of a hand) so they are perfect to put them in a backpack and be able to move wherever you want without losing your connection to Internet.

There is a wide variety and model of routers and rates, but in any case they will always provide you with more autonomy and control of expenses than hiring a new data rate.

If you travel with certain assiduity to the foreigner, a good advice is to opt for free MIFI routers, that is to say that they are not linked to any company or that they do not have geographical restrictions at the time of the tariff. In this post of Traveling Intelligence you can know how to activate a free MIFI router to have portable WIFI rental anywhere in the world.