Website Designers – How Do They Make Your Small Business Look Good

Have you ever wondered why a svelte model is often center stage in advertisements promoting products that have little to do with her? It’s because the model attracts attention. She hooks our interest and we follow the ad raptly. Advertisers understand the human psyche. They use beauty and aesthetics to display a business’ products and services positively.

In the web arena, website design plays the same part. The look and usability of the website is used to impress customers favorably. Only then will customers want to stick around and explore the website. User-friendly features, worthwhile offers and good content will keep customers engaged and increase sale conversions.

Professional LinkHelpers Inc can develop a website that not only looks great but works great too. Some elements every website should have are:

“About Us” page

The “About Us” page is where the business introduces itself to customers. It talks about the experience and longevity of the business in its industry. It describes how the business products and services help customers. This page aims to convince prospects of the value of the website and what they stand to gain by doing business with you.

Consistent URLs

Search engines keep track of website and web page URLs for faster searches. Changes and archival of web pages should be done without making changes to the URL so that the search engine placement of the website is not affected.

Refreshed content

Website content should always keep changing. Customers look forward to reading something new – latest offers, product and service launches, and current happenings at the business end. Dating the information is a good way to build credibility. Publishing the date the website was last modified is also good strategy. It sets a time frame for the validity of published information. If there is a mismatch of information on the website with current events, customers can look at the date and discount the discrepancy.

Clear headings and writing style

Website content writing is different from writing for other mediums. The content should be relevant and simple, with clear headings, subheadings and bullet points. Internet users are impatient. If the website looks cluttered and verbose, they’ll just go elsewhere. Links are good to lead customers to detailed information but they should be positioned in an organized manner.

Supporting content with images

A picture can speak a thousand words. That’s true, but too many of them will extend the loading time of your website. Images that support content and help customers understand the context better should be included in the website and no more.

Meaningful and effective page titles

Each page of the website should have a title that is relevant to its content and uses the right keywords. The length of the title should be less than 64 characters, with keywords at the beginning. Search engines track titles and keywords improve ranking of the pages in search results.

Good website design is worth investing time and money. It promises high ROI and helps you build a powerhouse brand. Satisfied customers will not only shop on your website repeatedly but also refer it to more prospects.